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We sell and repair new, used and antique horse drawn vehicles. Carriages are located in Vermont. Please call us for details. Prices may vary based on extras, taxes and shipping charges. Click on any image to make it larger.

Inventory   Call us at 804-832-0454 to talk about our inventory. We may have commercial and pleasure vehicles for sale that aren't listed below.
Early American Sleigh   Charming Early American Sleigh. Original condition with dashboard painted on both sides. For inside display only please. $750.
Early American Sleigh   Early American sleigh. See above listing.
Spring Sleigh   Spring Sleigh. The springs make this sleigh ride very comfortably, and the details are beautiful. $3,500.
C-Spring Sleigh   Unrestored C-Spring Sleigh. Bobs and springs make all the difference when it comes to a smooth ride over the snow. Beautiful lines and simple but elegant details. The wood is in good condition for restoration or to keep as original. $2,500.SOLD
Albany Cutter   Albany Cutter. Ready to go dashing through the snow. Cherry red exterior with green velveteen interior. Pretty, hand-painted detailing. $3,500. SOLD
Kombi Buggy   Kombi Buggy by Lessing. Burgundy cut-under with disc brakes. Vulcanized rubber on steel wheels. Wagonette converts to groom seat for presentation. Rubber mats. Comes with pole and shafts. $4,700.SOLD
Bob-sleigh   A charming, restored, Antique Bob Sleigh that's just right for dashing through the snow. It has a dark green exterior, red accents and gold and red pinstriping. The interior is red crushed velvet. It's a great vehicle to cozy up with someone special for a romantic ride. $3,500. SOLD
Brewster Stanhope Gig   Stanhope Gig by Brewster & Co., B'Way, 47th St, Broome St., N.Y. on hubs. Built approximately in 1890. Dark blue with dark blue wool uhpolstery. Handsome spindle seat with wheels on steel. SOLD and shipped to Ireland.
Brewster Stanhope Gig   Stanhope Gig by Brewster & Co.SOLD and shipped to Ireland.
Justin Victoria   Justin Victoria. Previously owned by one-time producer for Brian Wilson of theBeach Boys. The carriage is an exact copy of one used in the movie "Interview with the Vampire". Excellent condition. Black exterior, brass details, burgundy velvet interior. Full fifth wheel, brakes, pole and shafts. $6,000.SOLD and shipped to Nigeria.
Studebaker Victoria   Restored Studebaker Victoria. What a beautiful carriage! Black body, blue undercarriage with gold pinstriping and dark blue upholstery. Fine leather folding top and patent leather dash and fenders. Quietly elegant details. $8,000.SOLD and shipped to Ireland.
Unrestored Albany Cutter   Unrestored Albany Cutter. Display it in its current condition or make it a restoration project. It has "good bones", and most of its paint is intact. $2,500.SOLD
Unrestored Albany Cutter   Unrestored Albany Cutter painting on back.
Hansmeier Phaeton   New Hansmeier Phaeton. Black and dark blue body with pinstriping. Blue velvet interior. It has disc brakes, wedge seat, dickey seat and a full fifth wheel. It also comes with a pole and shafts for 15 to 16 H horse(s). Beautiful craftsmanship and attention to details went into the making of this fine vehicle. $13,000.SOLD
Warco Wagonette Lightly used Warco Wagonette. With pole and shafts. Wedge seat, right and left brakes. A great vehicle for all around use. $5,500.SOLD and shipped to Colombia.
Pleasure Pheaton Pleasure Pheaton. Two seats. Comes with a pole, has brakes. Another great vehicle for all around use. SOLD and shipped to Colombia.
Bronson Wagon Restored Bronson Wagon in excellent working condition made by Watertown Spring Wagon Company of Watertown, N.Y. Simple but beautiful. It is a finely crafted vehicle. Brake shoes are solid brass. $8,000.SOLD
Brougham The black and maroon bow front Brougham Coupe was constructed by D.E. Nutshell Pere & Files, Brussels, Belgium. It's exterior has been retored. The interior is unrestored wool fabric. Interior whistle alerts driver. It has a full fifth wheel, brakes, pole and wheels on good rubber. $6,000. SOLD and shipped to Ireland.
Rockaway Restored maroon and black Rockaway constructed by Reed & Forman of Poughkeepsie, NY. All beveled glass windows are adjustable. Maroon and black velvet interior, driver side curtains, lamps and brakes. $7,000. SOLD and shipped to Ireland.
Rockaway Unrestored Rockaway made by Hassett and Hodge of Amesbury, MA. It has side curtains and beveled glass. Door windows are adjustable. (Lanterns are not included.) The interior details make this vehicle special. The styling is unusual and truly elegant. $4,000. SOLD
Drop Front Buggy   Antique, Goddard style, Drop Front Buggy. Lovingly restored. Black exterior with gray wool upholstery. It has a patent leather dash, hand stitched leather covered bows for top and leather accented interior. Top is leatherette for easy maintenance. The quality and details of this restoration are uncommon. $4,500. SOLD
Surrey   This is a very special Surrey with a fringe on top. Built in the 1890s by Brockway Carriage Company and lovingly restored, the body is constructed of beautiful birds-eye maple, the seats are of tasteful and durable fabric, and it has lamps and brakes. This surrey offers the buyer an opportunity to own a handsomely crafted piece of American History. $5,500. SOLD
Please note: All prices are subject to change without notice.

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